2 minutes

Designing NextWorking. Logotel at HR Forum 2020

Two digital appointments to which we took our vision of NextWorking

Redesigning relationships, times and spaces – all to enable people to work well. Such was the goal we set ourselves over 2020, sharing our vision with collaborators and customers alike in jointly designing NextWorking. We also talked about it on November 19 at HR Forum 2020 at two digital events. In part one, Chief Designer Officer Cristina Favini shared our Open Mind on Designing NextWorking. Covid-19 signals an opportunity to plan a profound change, (perhaps) because normality didn’t work before the pandemic.

We can design new ways of working today which extend beyond the limits of the old normality. Beginning not from easy solutions or technologies but from that world of relationships among people which, for every business, remains the only true source of inspiration. Part two followed within a restricted panel of HR Managers hailing from different companies and industries and centred round a topic-driven table led by Logotel General Manager Nicola Favini. The transformations in our highly unstable context are both numerous and radical, necessitating that we work from a dual perspective: that of facing the urgencies of today while developing fresh analyses for the future.

As an organization we face new challenges: finding new balances between people’s autonomy and the common strategy of the company. Between the distribution of knowledge and the centrality of business. Between individual motivation and team engagement. Between places that enable collaborative behaviors and personal spaces for well-being. Between the design of synchronous occasions and asynchronous times for execution. Between the authority of the leaders and new forms of self-leadership. Because there’s no longer a single way of working but rather new mixes in form, such that their quality be truly improved. Participants intervened interactively – sharing ideas, experiments and any needs that arose over these extraordinary months of hybrid work that ranged between physical and online presence.