NE(X)T WORKING. our instant book on the future of work

NE(X)T WORKING. our instant book on the future of work 17 April 2020

A project in weekly evolution to compare and stimulate fresh reflections while opening up to new perspectives

NE(X)T WORKING. our instant book on the future of work

During these weeks of complexity a window to a new dimension of work has been opened to us. Here there are no recipes or experts: the scenario is remains unenvisaged. But it’s time to bring order to our reflections, to give continuity to Today and accelerate the reboot.

Here's why we decided to create an instant book that’s ever-changing: to develop outlooks, exchange tools of interpretation and forge new relationships – all for a new dimension of working.

 Download the Next Working Instant Book here.


4+3+3+3 reflections to (re)start: The start of a new project

In Part One we made space for four multidisciplinary outlooks conceived within Logotel: Cristina Favini (Manager of Design); Antonella Castelli (Senior Manager Design); Daniele Cerra (Digital Innovation Officer); and Simone Colombo (Senior Manager Community & Social Business).

Ne(x)t working is an open format that’s enriched weekly by fresh contributions: psychologists, designers, managers, anthropologists, sociologists, researchers, entrepreneurs – each will offer us their viewpoint concerning the future of work. We’ve forged new links with the views of Tristan Rigendinger (Senior Partner), Francesca Monti (Senior Manager Community & Social Business), Luisella Peroni (Senior Manager Community & Social Business).

In Part Three we opened up to discussions with Domenico Barrilà (Adlerian psychotherapist), Roberto Battaglia (Head of HR Corporate & Investment Banking, Intesa Sanpaolo) and Gabriele Buzzi (Senior Manager Community & Social Business).

And in Part Four we added the outlook of Marino Niola (contemporary anthropologist), Thomas Bialas (futurologist) and Federico Vetruccio (Project Manager, Logotel).

Happy reading!