Intesa Sanpaolo: Up, Unlock Potential

Intesa Sanpaolo: Up, Unlock Potential 18 April 2018

How can you enhance the enterprise of the people in an organisation through an environment that supports their ideas and projects?

Intesa Sanpaolo: Up, Unlock Potential



UP is an environment that enables people from Intesa Sanpaolo’s Corporate & Investment Banking Division to launch and/or participate in the development of projects that boost their own value and that of the organisation. 




The challenges faced by the company increasingly require it to improve its ability to develop its current business areas and create new ones. Improved performances depend on factors like engaging, motivating and fulfilling the potential of people.
This resulted in the need for a service, a design environment that develops people together with the business, that supports organisational wellbeing, gathers ideas and projects, and launches and supports idea generating processes. An environment that on one hand fosters “internal enterprise” characterised by the acceptance of major risks and great responsibility, and on other accelerates the implementation of solutions to turn them into value.




Thanks to a multidisciplinary team Logotel supported and assisted the company in the various phases of the project. It guided and facilitated moments of co-design with all parties involved, in “sprint” mode, to identify the mission, the user macro-experience and the scope of the project.
In collaboration with the IT figures and technology partners involved, it planned and designed the UP tool (structure and graphics) with a people-centred approach based on maximum user-friendliness. It supported the launch of the platform - which took place in February 2017 - through the development of toolkits, promotional materials and special initiatives, and by identifying the most suitable moments and formats for constructing effective communications.
In the current “life” phase of the project, Logotel provides continuous editorial and design support to develop content, formats and tools that stimulate participation, spread the new culture promoted by UP and assist people during the project development process. The support also regards the monitoring of the project KPI through the collection, analysis and display of the necessary data.




UP stands for Unlock Potential and is an environment that seeks to tap into intelligence and capacities that have not been fully expressed, at the same time improving the performances of the Division.

It is a space for developing a start-upper mentality and challenging yourself during a process, an experience that is typical of the world of start-ups: exploring the context, envisaging bold solutions, developing hypotheses and testing the prototypes, finding a backer to develop them.

Through a process structured into phases and the application of a method based on the design thinking and lean start-up disciplines, people can develop ideas that solve problems or take opportunities they have not yet exploited, develop them using different tools and finally present them during a pitch to an internal evaluation board that will decide whether to transform them into projects and implement them.

During the experience the quality of the proposed projects is guaranteed by a group of people with wide-ranging expertise who will monitor and assess their progress.

UP is a networking opportunity because it facilitates connections between people, enables you to broaden your network of contacts and, most of all, raises your profile within a large organisation thanks to the development of valid solutions.
And that’s not all: it is also a growth process that enables you to learn new skills and working methods, experiencing working dynamics that could be useful in your daily activities.


"The skills used by start-uppers seeking financial backing are the same as those required to become a good manager, so why not give all those that work in our Division the chance to gain some experience, creating opportunities not only for the organisation but for themselves?"


Roberto Battaglia – HR Manager, Corporate & Investment Banking Division 
Alessia Sisti – Head of Human Capital Development and Growth Service, Corporate & Investment Banking Division




47 projects launched
205 people involved
4 pitch sessions 
+300 hours of support to start-upper teams