We design process

Non c’è soluzione innovativa senza processo innovativo. Decision, Design, Development, Delivery:
questo il nostro metodo "imbuto" in 4 step. 

We design processes

There can be no innovative solution without an innovative process. Decision, Design, Development, Delivery: this is our 4-step “funnel” method.

Nous créons des processus

Pas de solution innovante sans processus innovant. Decision, Design, Development, Delivery: telle est notre méthode « entonnoir » en 4 étapes.



Today’s markets and technologies enable each of us to participate in the change as co-protagonists: to become co-designers, co-writers, co-testers, co-sellers. Our role is to guide this collective energy, to create a climate of trust, to listen and to act on dialogue, and to manage the flow of ideas to create new ways of organising work. If we don’t do so, it could be risky. If we do so badly, it could be very risky.

The method

We have given our working method a form and a name: the “WE Design Process” or “Funnel Method”. A model that allows us to structure every project, stimulating the collective participation of all stakeholders, and which includes processes made up of research and exploration, moments and spaces of sharing and planning, tools for realising and experimenting with ideas. But above all it is an approach that follows the collective creative energy in its different emotional states, from ME to WE.
And it is structured into 4 phases: Decision, Design, Development, Delivery.


Every project begins with the involvement, according to a quick and flexible schema, of a team made up of versatile figures with a variety of different skills: Business Drivers that identify and plan the projects, Coordinators that organise activities and skills, Project Managers that manage development and delivery, and Designers that give form to solutions (Visual Designers, Interaction Designers, Content Managers, Community Managers, Web Visual Designers, Web Developers, Trainers, Coaches). Furthermore, a dedicated team (Facility) helps with the organisation of work and contributes to the wellbeing of our workers and customers.