Coprogettare, collaborare, condividere

Per noi è importante il Making ma soprattutto il Together.
Per portare impatto dalla strategy al life, la collaborazione è alla base di tutto quello che facciamo.

Co-design, collaborate, share

For us the word Making is important, but the word Together even more so. To bring impact from strategy to life, collaboration underpins everything that we do.

Concevoir ensemble, collaborer, partager

Pour nous, la chose importante est le Making mais surtout le Together.
Pour apporter de l’impact de la strategy à la life, la collaboration sous-tend l’ensemble de nos activités.



Innovation is a necessity but having just a few specific people or departments to manage it is no longer enough: it must become a source of motivation and creative tension that involves the entire business. Innovation is a process that involves all stakeholders: from the designer to the entrepreneur, from the staff to the customer-user, from the system-community to suppliers, and through to civil society. For this reason it is a collective path (WE) to be faced with courage in all its phases, transforming, if necessary, the organisations themselves too.


We have a single, extremely powerful engine at the heart of our constellation of values: people, in whom we invest as stakeholders, artisans, the instigators of change. We begin with people to plan services that improve their lives, inside and outside the company. We believe that self-organisation and giving people responsibility is the quickest and most effective response to the complexity of the contemporary context.


Innovators are those that manage to combine different disciplines, points of view, tools. This is why we founded Logotel: to help bring together professionalism, disciplines, customers and the community. In the heart of Lambrate, in the ex-Faema factory, we have created a lively, versatile and informal environment that supports collaboration in every respect. An environment in which living and working well contributes to the success of projects.




Our commitment is to help businesses make a difference today and have a positive impact in the future. Help transform the life of organisations, their staff and their clients for the better.
We are a Service Design Company.

We create original and sustainable solutions together with our clients. We design and nurture innovative projects, pathways and services with a "people and design driven" approach, that transform and generate real value in peoples' real lives. Real collaboration is the first catalyst for change, which is why we actively encourage different people, cultures, skills and disciplines to get together.
We believe in the Making Together approach.

We provide services for Italian and global businesses, blending ingredients such as design, training, social aspects, and the business community, to create unique, high-impact projects.
We are constantly involved, day after day, to ensure we keep up with the latest changes and to understand and take on new challenges.
We bring change to real Life, from Strategy to Delivery.