Impact Design


Impact Design

Our design method is Impact design: it allows us to generate positive impacts and achieve concrete and measurable results.

We believe in design that not only focuses on individuals but also on communities – People & Community driven. We interpret their needs, designing new actions, experiences, and stories for them. This is our scope of action. Impact design allows us to enable people, organizations, and ecosystems for innovation and new behaviors, delving into what motivates them, training new sensitivities, and creating new interpretative spaces.


We design with a process


from visioning to ideation

We explore the problem, the situation from different points of view in order to define the direction and give shape to the meaning, to the ‘center of gravity’”.


from concept to unique experience and implementation

We design enabling contexts to act and realize the ideas of service ecosystems, experiences, chosen platforms.


from launch to continuous improvement

We accompany and animate the exchanges in everyday life.