Change & Learning

Change & Learning


With change management programs and reskilling and upskilling paths, we respond to constantly evolving organizational needs: from business challenges to people experience.

We create collaborative ecosystems and adoption programs that involve people and communities.

We accelerate the dissemination and sharing of knowledge by proposing learning systems that develop ideas, methods, content, and tools capable of interpreting data, real needs, and new behaviors.

  • Change Management Program 

    We support the transformation needs of enterprises by developing cultural change programmes, enabling, motivating and onboarding people at all levels of the organisation. We draft a sustainable, inclusive and valuable continuous journey through day-by-day engagement, rituals, practices and the adoption of new tools.

  • Leadership & Management Training

    We train managers from different generations and experiences on the main managerial skills and on consolidating their leadership model in a dynamic way. We support them in the transformation process with ad-hoc tools, and individual and team tutorship and coaching programmes.

  • Training for sales B2B and Retail

    We design and provide training courses for B2B and Retail sales networks, aimed at consolidating their business effectiveness and making their relationship style with their customers original and valuable. We assist the experimentation of new behaviours with on-the-job training kits and tutoring programmes to measure and improve their impact.

  • Re Skilling & Up Skilling

    We meet the needs of businesses by designing engaging and immersive training programmes aimed at integrating the skills that are needed to address their challenges, leading their people to fully exploit their potential. Mentoring activities, labs, workshops, collaborative events, webinars, TTT Train The Trainer and Coaching on the job programmes are amongst the formats we offer.

  • Team Building & Engagement Experience

    We envision and implement bespoke initiatives and experiences in order to foster a sense of belonging, break down silos and consolidate the ties between team and people. We maximise impact by making the initiatives happen in the right moments of the life of the organisation: in conventions, in tribes, in experience events, in collaborative workshops. Each of our solution is custom-designed, both on-site and digitally.

  • Onboarding & Work-Life Experience 

    We design and implement experiences that support people in all the phases of their life in the organisation, in order to generate a warm welcome, foster a sense of belonging, generate engagement and retention, consolidate ties, activate rituals and create a community.

  • Corporate Academy 

    We implement Corporate Academy programmes with a view to offering and aggregating training services inside and outside the organisation. We define a strategy, from service promise to governance, from the digital platform to the animation and measurement dynamics of the community. We design the whole learning experience, from the training category to the single learning units. We carry out the training programme with engagement and communication initiatives: hard and soft skills, technical training, product launches, tool and process adoption, certifications.

  • dAI dAI dAI 

    Our format to fall in love with generative AI with hands-on laboratories and experimentation moments, to seize the opportunities offered by AI and apply them in daily tasks at work.

Change & Learning

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Change & Learning


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