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A new Learning Experience

How can we support a business and its network of stores in structuring, sharing and applying a new physical/digital training system?

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Transformation of skills, abilities and ways of working


Structuring the training experience

The training of Leroy Merlin has evolved since January 2018: the training model has transformed from a physical to a blended physical/digital model thanks to training courses and platforms that all personnel, from store staff to head office internal services staff, can use autonomously.

The project answered the company’s urgent need to make training more agile, faster, more efficient and more accessible to everyone, and as a consequence to support the organisation in the transformation of competences, expertise and working methods in order to bring them up to date. More specifically, it was necessary to understand and structure the training experience of each professional figure in the store, identifying the interactions between the profiles and related activities.

A new physical/digital learning experience dedicated to the people of Leroy Merlin with a specific focus on the four main store staff figures: employee, manager, head of store HR and store manager. An internal communications plan to support the transformation of the training model and to launch new digital training paths.



A new model of learning…

Logotel supported Leroy Merlin in the structuring of the new learning experience and in the process of communicating this major transformation internally.

The adopted approach involved various Leroy Merlin teams, from the Skills Development team (HR) to store staff, as the engagement and collaboration of those directly interested was essential for the development of a consistent and innovative learning experience that is genuinely useful for people.

Logotel launched this project with the Leroy Merlin Skills Development HR team through a co-design workshop aimed at understanding and consolidating the new learning method. This complements the physical training already developed by the Logotel training team.


…and a new communication system

In fact, together with Leroy Merlin Logotel also developed a series of classroom management courses to enhance and develop the skills of its workers; to acquire, develop and gain the loyalty of customers; to analyse and define the store strategy.

According to a continuous sharing and fine-tuning methodology, after the workshop we codified and structured the learning experience of the 4 main store staff profiles, identifying the specific actions and touchpoints necessary to ensure that the physical/digital training is provided in a fluid and effective way.
In this phase we used the “system crash” methodology – which helps test the services during the design phase, with the relative connected actions and touchpoints – also involving store staff, with workshops and feasibility tests in the field (for example the Palermo store was involved in prototyping the learning experience).

Having structured the learning experience, Logotel supported Leroy Merlin in the internal communication of this change and the launch of the new digital training courses.
A multidisciplinary team of service designers, art directors, visual designers, copywriters and videomakers developed a communication system whose underlying theme is the transformation. Beginning with the structuring of the communication plan, a series of physical/digital tools were developed: from the 2018 training catalogue to the posters explaining how the training experience will change; from the cards underlining the advantages of the transformation through to the launch tools for the individual digital training courses (DEM, launch video, infographics on training content…).

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People and Organisations are my passions and I think they should also be the passions of those that want to be involved in human resources and the digital transformation. Together they are evolving and forming a new work and work-life balance model. Working according to our inspiration, convictions that can give rise to strategic and innovative projects are what drive change projects like the one we undertook with Logotel. Searching for new solutions to create paths and experiences will really make people feel like they are at the centre of their own development process.

Head of Training and Development
Leroy Merlin Italia