Research & Exploration

Research & Exploration


We explore emerging needs, investigate alternative ideas and model interpretive scenarios for the development of business, society and a better future.

Thanks to the support of an international network of experts, we systematize signals, process data and insights with a multidisciplinary approach, crossing knowledge and skills.

Our research projects are developed through content, innovative formats, maps and visual summaries to support customers and organizations in making decisions and exploring new opportunities in frontier themes.

  • Explorative Research 

    Desk research and qualitative-quantitative analysis to interpret transformations and shape scenarios that help the development of business and company challenges.

  • Research Reports 

    Bespoke research editorial products, enhanced thanks to the contribution of experts, meaning maps and visual design, to help organisations navigate complexity. 

  • Open Mind Events

    Speeches and events to open up perspectives and new opportunities. Open mind events include live or remote interaction dynamics, to better engage participants.

  • Next Horizon Platform 

    Our permanent research platform, designed to enrich Logotel’s projects. The summaries of our insights generate system maps and cross-media formats.

  • Weconomy Project

    The multidisciplinary and open-source research series dedicated to collaborative economy. Each issue generates a debate with a network of 280 authors. 

Research& Exploration

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  • Horizon – Designer involved


  • International design exhibitions



Weconomy is an open, shared and multidisciplinary research project, created to activate conversation between us and our business community. Today, with 16 monographic realeses, the project involves an international network of over 280 authors including managers, entrepreneurs, designers and researchers, united by one conviction: the real engine of every transformation are people.


Horizon is an ecosystem built in over 15 years of experience. It is the result of a multidisciplinary collaboration with personalities with different roles and skills: managers, entrepreneurs, researchers, anthropologists, sociologists, futurologists, designers, philosophers, semiologists, psychologists, doctors, physicists. It is our observatory to investigate the evolutions of creativity, design, and business.