Community & Content

Community & Content


We design physical-digital platforms for networks and new ecosystems, from the startup phase to their evolution.

Our communities operate on different scales, involving networks of customers, partners, collaborators, enterprises, developing connections, shortening distances and generating a sense of belonging.

Our communities foster strategic decisions, improving the time-to-market and multiplying opportunities for change. Moreover, they enable the sharing of best practices, improve the quality of exchanges, the collaboration and the performance of the organizations.

We create editorial formats and content schedules to inform and motivate people, which we integrate both in our communities and within B2B or B2C platforms.

  • Community Design &
    Community Building

    We have been codesigning communities with our clients with and end-to-end expertise for over twenty years: from an analysis of the organisation’s needs to the choice of platform, from the definition of a mission to an editorial plan, from a launch strategy to keeping operations over time and reporting.

  • Impact programs through community

    We understand how to create value for the client and, above all, for the different users of the communities, starting from the brief and the need expressed, through the definition of sustainable and challenging OKR, the latter being identified with a view to impacting the target ecosystem in a positive and measurable way.

  • People animation & Engagement

    Every day, we design how to engage and animate the people at the forefront of our communities; we design their engagement in order to foster project effectiveness, and the exchange and sharing of relevant information and best practices.

  • Social intranet &
    Professional Tribe

    We develop evolved digital environments for the people working inside organisations: communities of interest, tribes of professionals, intranets that help social interactions and horizontal exchange…

  • Content strategy &
    Editorial planning

    Our communities are comanaged by an enlarged Logotel/Client editorial staff which designs and implements an editorial strategy and defines a publication schedule in line with the project requirements and the community’s rhythms and needs.

  • Okr, analytics &
    Data visualization

    We offer our clients our expertise in defining project objectives and the corresponding key results, in addition to the tools to measure and view them effectively. This is because data are the starting point for guiding and making communities evolve.

  • Digital sales tools

    We make available managements and support tools and dashboards – plug&play or customised – for sales networks deriving from years of experience in managing business communities: performance measurement, customisation of BLT material, incentivisation launches and sales competitions, etc.

  • Behavioral change &
    Digital training

    Communities are places where training programmes, social learning initiatives, general training sessions and more structured courses and training solutions can be delivered, with an ambitious goal: not only that of conveying information, but also that of stimulating and modifying (for the better) behaviours.

  • AI for multimedia contents

    We use the main generative AI tools to create quality multimedia content (videos, texts, images) and to bring about real and shared innovation for the work team.

Community & Content

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Community & Content