Welcome, where good ideas are born, grow up, and live

If we don’t meet on call, we can meet here. Our doors are always open for the ones who wish to collaborte on a project with multidisciplinary teams, blending different skills and experiences. Our surroundings influence our workstyle: our spaces are designed to stimulate collaboration, creativity, and facilitate training activities in small teams or larger groups. A space full of blackboards to fill with ideas.


Milano: our home is your home

Our headquarters in Milan is in the heart of Ventura-Lambrate, a historic post-industrial district transformed into a vibrant hub of creativity and design. We work in an open-space of over 2,400 square metres, designed and structured with the help of our team of designers. Here is where our ideas, alond with yours, find their home.

Some of our spaces in Milan can be yours for an event, a workshop or a special initiatives of your company. For detailed information on the services and spaces available, download the pdf.

Via G.Ventura 15
20134 Milan
  • Recording Studio

  • Urban Garden

  • Sunny Terraces

  • Bike Station

  • Open Space


  • Modular Spaces


  • Conference Rooms


  • Meeting Rooms


our presence

PARIS / workplace

Logotel opened its office in Paris in 2014. Over twenty people work in the setting of the largest financial district in Europe, La Défense, in a dynamic space that promotes trade and innovation and supports the needs of our international customers.

MADRID / workplace

Since 2017 Logotel is also present in Madrid to support customers who have a strong presence in Spain. A multidisciplinary team oversees and develops communities and international projects.

ROME / workplace

In the capital, Logotel supports national and international clients, ensuring synergy with the teams and experts of the headquarter and international offices.

TUSCANY / campus

In the evocative setting of Virgoletta, a small village on the border between Liguria and Tuscany, Logotel has its own training campus. Located within the walls of an ancient castle, a fortified structure dating back to the twelfth century, the campus hosts training events and workshops.


Want to do something great with us?

Sometimes we spot a talent. Sometimes they spot us. When we meet, something scintillating and unexpected always happens.

This is what we mean by ‘talent’: a person who brings their original, extra-ordinary point of view, unafraid to put themselves on the line sharing their experiences and passions. Someone who asks the right questions before giving answers. Who makes themselves available to others. Someone capable of changing things, of becoming part of a collaborative network. Designers, thinkers, makers, dreamers, storytellers, creative people, curious and in love with beauty.
At Logotel you will find a People Focused & Impact Driven approach. It means we are looking for people who can fit into our community, to grow with us and help us grow. To make a difference in our projects together. Above all, we’re going to have a lot of fun. And while we do all this, we’re going to have a lot of fun. We believe that an organisation becomes charismatic if its people are charismatic. If you see yourself in this, please contact us.


Tell us something about yourself: send us your application and join our team!