We believe in collaboration

Making Together, collaboration is everything for us. It’s why we activate and encourage encounters between people – both inside and outside organizations, between different cultures, skills and disciplines. We work hand in hand with our clients. Always. Without ever proposing ready-made solutions.


Our 3 super powers (with a bit of magic)


We design with a process


from visioning
to ideation


from concept
to unique experience


from prototyping
to implementation


from launch
to continuous improvement


For us, each project comands a unique response to the needs of people, businesses and communities. Working on a new project, we stimulate the participation of every stakeholder; foster collective creative energy; organise research and exploration paths; and facilitate opportunities and spaces for sharing. In short: we Co-design.


At Logotel, we accompany our clients from strategy to execution and into everyday life. This is how we address the transformation and needs of organisations. This is how we understand complex scenarios better and transcend boundaries to conceive useful, specific, and unique solutions.


We are an Independent Design Company, and we believe in Impact Design to help people and organisations to make a difference. We are one multidisciplinary, international, open and collaborative community of over 200 passionate people. At Logotel, we have developed methodologies and tools to manage people, teams, projects and communities. Even remotely.


We translate sustainability
into practice

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For us, sustainability comes from a broadening perspective, which extends the possibilities of paths and projects beyond the immediate benefits. It goes beyond methods and processes. It means building caring relationships with local areas, communities, places and other species. It means rebalancing the use of resources that impact the ecosystem.

Sustainability starts with concrete individual actions that trigger stable and lasting changes, even on a small scale. With our approach to sustainability, we turn ideas into actions to promote debate on these issues. This is because we believe in the increasing necessity of designing for the individual and the community.



Our approach to sustainability is based on five points:

1 / Visione rigenerativa

Regenerative design is connected to, nurtures and dialogues with living ecosystems. Today you can go beyond the circular economy. To participate actively in a collective improvement. A regenerative business doesn’t just think about reducing environmental impacts but about generating positive effects on people, places, organisations and communities.

2 / Oltre l’antropocentrismo

What new actors influence the life of our projects? Communities, other species, even ones who don’t choose us. Our activities no longer only target individual human needs. We coexist within a broader ecosystem. With this perspective, we will multiply the positive impacts.

3 / Reframing del sistema

Perspectives change, the actors involved multiply, new meanings emerge. The next step is to connect all the elements that, until recently, were disconnected. These new connections generate new business scenarios and new value. From traditional elements to the impulse for creativity, from where we are located to the global context.

4 / Nutrire reti di cura

A new awareness is essential for organisations: we are part of a ‘web of life’ where everything is interconnected. It is a network that must be nurtured with a new social responsibility, building meaningful links between communities, with value chains, with competitors. To give life to transformative actions that ‘repair’, ‘heal’, ‘take care’ of what surrounds us.

5 / Agire sulla propria scala di influenza

It is crucial to identify the scale on which we have influence, which starts from proximity, from what we can touch, from what we relate to, from the experience we create. Because every single action can cause a discontinuity and have disruptive effects, which multiply when they become established and lasting behaviours.