Digital Solutions & Platform

Digital Solutions & Platform


We develop digital solutions supporting transformation and innovation projects, in order to accelerate business performances and assist organisations in their present and future challenges.

Our technological approach is people & community-driven, allowing us to work at different levels: with our proprietary Jump 4, we integrate ourselves into business ecosystems; with a set of stand-alone tools, we develop targeted initiatives; with data-driven dashboards, we measure a new generation of metrics; with consulting support, we transform the most popular enterprise platforms into collaborative ecosystems.

  • Community Platform

    Our Jump 4 platform is the ideal solution to engage, animate, train and measure communities in enterprises. Equipped with constantly evolving modular features, it combines flexibility, solidity and security.


  • Social Intranets

    Our Digital Solutions team creates, manages and boosts corporate intranets by using community-driven logics. We support the engagement, collaboration and knowledge sharing transformation needs of companies in an effective and innovative way, both developing proprietary technological solutions and taking full advantage of the potential of the ecosystems already being used (e.g., Microsoft 365, Lumaps, Cisco WebEx, Yoobic, Interacta, etc.)

    AI & Generative AI Solution & Adoption

    We adopt the most advanced AI forms to support the creativity of people, to implement services and interactions, to enable effective and efficient collaboration, and to support decision-making and designing processes. We develop proprietary solutions and solutions in partnership with the sector’s most innovative startups. We support organisations with practical paths leading to an aware adoption of AI.

  • Gamification Engine 

    The gamification engine is one of the key features of the Jump 4 platform. It allows a high level of customisation and of creation of people activation campaigns that, by exploiting the typical logics of gamification (rankings, badges, awards, competitions, co-petitions, collaborative activities, interactive views), enable community managers to interpret the psycho-social models that most suit their company, with total variability over time.

  • Ad hoc Process & vertical Tools 

    We develop vertical digital tools, from those to support operations (i.e., Visual Merchandising) to business intelligence and commercial animation dashboards (interactive catalogues to support sales), from evolved training to specialised management software.

  • Advanced analytics (SNA, Emotion and Engagement) 

    All the digital solutions we offer are based on an impact-driven proprietary approach: each activity carried out within our projects is tracked and analysed with unique and original methods combining the potential of data science with AI, through mathematics models that are adopted in psychology and sociology. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of engagement, performances, moods and emotions, sense of belonging, relationships, and of the impact on business or on specific segments (i.e., Diversity & Inclusion, sustainability) can be applied to the most diverse contexts.

  • R&D (MVP, POC and prototyping production)

    Logotel – autonomously or together with its own partners – is constantly active in exploring and experimenting cutting-edge technological solutions that are able to interpret specific humanistic needs effectively and originally. Together with and for our clients, we design POC (proof of concept), MVP (minimum viable products) and prototypes that help understand the feasibility of specific technological solutions.

  • Microsoft 365 solution design & adoption

    We set up and create Microsoft 365 services and offer tailor-made digital adoption programmes and models for client companies and their single professional categories: social intranets, process automation systems, data analysis and the use of AI (Copilot) are amongst our solutions.

  • Advanced digital UX-UI (AI, Augmented reality) 

    UX and UI are two key elements of services meant to create value and effective and positively perceived experiences. We design interactions with methods and models that have been conveniently reworked based on the typical user-centred logics of the Web and the App era, in order to fully exploit the potential of new technologies.

Digital Solutions & Platform

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Digital Solutions & Platform