Impact Design

the impact
of your projects

How to explore new contexts and needs, design innovative strategies, create experiences, products and services that generate positive and transformative actions?
With Impact design.

It is our approach, which allows us to face your design challenges, with a broad and integrated mix of independent and multidisciplinary skills and points of view. Strategy, design, execution, life: we generate concrete and measurable results for your business and people’s lives.


Impactful strategies

Every day you are faced with choices that lead to rethink your business, your offer, your services, rethink the relationship with your customers and reposition your brand?
To do this in the best possible way, we facilitate you to listen to people’s needs, to interpret the radical transformations we are experiencing and to imagine and design alternative scenarios and solutions that shape services and experiences.


Impactful Services and Experiences

Do you have to deal with the launch of services and experiences in omnichannel and increasingly hybrid contexts in the design and execution phases?
We will support you in imagining, prototyping, testing and launching products and services. Our approach is always collaborative, to respond to the real needs of your organization and customers. To improve the relationship and generate value in all touchpoints and in people’s lives.


Impactful Organizations

Quando attivi progetti che richiedono il coinvolgimento dell’intera organizzazione, sai come introdurre nuovi mindset e comportamenti che rendano i cambiamenti reali, concreti e tangibili?
We will support you in enabling a new ecosystem for your people. With environments, tools, resources, new skills and paths to accompany your people to make change.


We design with a process


from visioning
to ideation


from concept
to unique experience


from prototyping
to implementation


from launch
to continuous improvement


For us, sustainability is a systemic vision and begins in the individual concrete actions we implement. It is a form of practical responsibility, which activates new stable and lasting behaviors, which feed positive impacts on communities, societies and the environment.


Our organizational model activates variable multidisciplinary teams, to manage different scales of complexity and develop original and differentiating paths and projects: from single targeted actions to ecosystem projects.


Il co-design è al centro del nostro metodo progettuale, perché crediamo che la vera collaborazione sia il primo enzima del cambiamento. This is why we encourage the encounter between people inside and outside organizations, between different cultures, skills and disciplines.