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Sustainability as a cultural challenge.

Our contribution to the Symbola Foundation Design Economy 2022 Report

Logotel participated in the research group of Symbola Foundation for the realization of the 4th edition of the Design Economy Report, a prestigious publication in which Made in Italy design sector is analyzed, through data and stories, highlighting the relationship between investments and the competitiveness of companies.

On the 20th of April we were there for the presentation of the Report, at the ADI Museum, one of the houses of Italian design. Here we shared the perspective we are training on: framing sustainability as a cultural challenge. Design plays a crucial role because – by its multidisciplinary nature – it is able to change mindsets, processes, products and services.

It is a challenge that we are experiencing closely, also through the evolution of the demands of our customers, who are increasingly involved in the main transitions: energy, ecological, mobility. All this requires a new look, in fact, which implies designing not only thinking of end users, but of the ecosystems we inhabit, as a community.”, Said Cristina Favini, during the round table that accompanied the presentation of the report.

The Report showed the strength and fragility of the Italian entrepreneurial fabric. It emerges how the intertwining of design, sustainability and Made in Italy can give life to a new idea of ​​development: “Design is once again called upon to give shape, meaning and beauty to the future. And sustainability is the best choice to address the crises we face.”As stated by Ermete Realacci, president of the Foundation.

And we at Logotel feel involved, because design has precisely the ability to interpret, concretize and generate connections; it can support companies in overcoming a vision focused exclusively on end users, to understand how to intercept the needs of the community, territories and every living species.

This means coming in contact with a new generation of problems and needs, towards a conscious transformation in which people are trained and motivated to experience sustainability as protagonists, opening entrepreneurship to new opportunities for active collaboration.