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Logotel is on Stratégies

The French magazine interviewed us to tell our story between Milan and Paris

We are proud to have been selected by Statégies, a magazine and newspaper online, as a virtuous example of growth and professional synergy between our offices in Milan and Paris. Stratégies, leader in France in the fields of communication, marketing, advertising and media, interviewed Nicola Favini, Logotel General Manager, and Nicolas Gougé, Operations Director of our French office. We spoke about our history and our special relationship with France, with an emphasis on the steps taken in Paris since 2014, where our reputation has been growing since. The Parisian adventure was born alongside PSA Groupe and our first successes came with Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Opel Business Communities.

Since then, we have been expanding our team and the Change Management services we provide to organizations. In Paris we are now in 20 people, including Content and Community Managers, Project Managers, Service Designers, Videomakers, Graphic Designers and Data Scientists. We don’t want to stop now, or even slow down. We started slowly, as the article says, but now the pace has changed. Our future, as a European design company, is to turn more and more to the international market, first of all by strengthening the position we have already conquered in the French one.