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Logotel Studios, where involvement is in high definition

The new film set at via Ventura 15 arises from the post COVID-19, digital full-immersion

Over these months of emergency we’ve amassed hours by the hundreds in live recordings, digital workshops and remote training courses. Both practice and experimentation galore have seen us taking a step forward in transforming a part of our spaces into professional filming places. A webcam connected to some computer will no longer suffice in generating involvement. Here’s why Logotel Studios was born. Faced with customer needs, we formed our very own #nextworking vision perspective. We put the requirements of new contacts together and evolved solutions by deploying certain physical spaces at via Ventura as “Studios”: the new Logotel film set. Just so, our videomakers have combined their technical and directing skills with their audiovisual experience – not only building a workstation from which tobroadcast live events and shoot professional videos but creating genuine video formats of quality and efficiency that captivate the screen, both of those at the office and in remote working.

Within a few weeks Logotel Studios’ first productions came to life, giving rise to such projects as The Design Comedy. This format, published on the www.indeho.com platform and created by Logotel, has lead players in Italian and international design talking about their personal history and future plans. The Direct Streaming 2.0 of the PSA Group is another. Here managers of all the brands have live footage integrated with community services, so that results and objectives are transmitted live to their sales networks. The Covid-19 emergency has forged an adaptative path, heralding fresh outlooks and forecasts. Today we’re at the start of a new phase. Logotel Studios are an added tool, offering our customers new solutions in which both physical and digital conjoin into new formats. We shall continue to evolve and drive all the #nextworking changes – which are no longer just online. They’re now also on-air.