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Naked AI

Cisco Italia and Logotel have carried out an international research that developed into a documentary, telling the story that lies between the intersection of artificial intelligence and human creativity. And the impacts that are generated in it. Screened at UMANIA 2020, selected by the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz and nominated by the ADI Design Index 2021!

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A reasearch project on artificial intelligence and human creativity.


An independent look.
To look deeply into AI.

“NAKED AI – What happens when Artificial Intelligence and Human Creativity meet?” is a research project conceived and realized by Cisco Italia and Logotel, which explores how the intersection of human creativity and Artificial Intelligence can lead to an evolution not only of the designer’s role, but also in the relationships between people in organizations and in our society.

As an Independent Design Company, we tracked the research with an independent gaze devoid of biases and clichés on such a debated topic, to explore the perimeters and potential of AI. And about how individuals and organizations are being called upon to make increasingly urgent decisions to live in a more equitable and participatory society.


9 experts, 55 minutes,
a systemic project.

The research has taken the shape of a video documentary, which you can find online at with a duration of 55 minutes, it tells the points of view of 9 international experts including scientists, designers, theorists, engineers and artists. All of them, lead us to think about how AI and human creativity can work together, empowering each other.

Why a documentary?

Together with Cisco Italia, we defined the strategic phase of the project, thinking of creating a public and educational product, in which the storytelling would bring people closer to a very evanescent and fluid topic such as Artificial Intelligence. One of the objectives was to make its innermost aspects visible and the expressive potential that designers and artists interpret in the creation of their projects and works.

NAKED AI is a systemic project that uses the coexistence of different languages developed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals within Logotel.

Our director and our videomakers have shot and edited all the footage, arraging sets in Berlin, Lausanne, Paris, Munich, Linz, London and taking care of the filming in New York.

Our copywriters wrote the entire script, interviews and narration, which accompanies the viewer with a tone of voice which is irreverent and provocative but ironic, as well.

Our visuals developed a graphic language with a pop and disruptive illustrative look and feel, from the storyboard, to the animated sequences, to the end credits.

The entire soundtrack was created in Logotel.

At the base of NAKED AI there is the work of our Research Team that has analyzed case histories, trends and scenarios related to AI at international level.


Docufilm, digital platform, events.

Different formats in terms of type and presence, online and physical, bring different audiences closer to NAKED AI.

The docufilm is distributed free of charge at The site also collects the biographies of the experts interviewed.

The docufilm was presented with an online business event during which there was a live performance by artists and composers who have worked with AI.

The event was attended by managers and entrepreneurs interested in learning more about how human creativity and AI can support and develop their businesses and teams. The event was attended by some of the interviewees of the docufilm.

Logotel and Cisco Italia, in collaboration with some universities, organized events and workshops to involve students on ethical and design issues around AI.

The goal for NAKED AI is to participate in film festivals, documentaries and festivals of electronics, digital art and design, popular events that promote and fuel the debate around AI and creativity.


Directed by Massimo Leonardi
Written by Matteo Camurani
Strategist and Executive Producer Gianpaolo Barozzi – Cisco Italia
Strategist and Executive Producer Cristina Favini
Production Manager Anna Milani
Production Supervisor Antonella Castelli
Production Designer Valeria Crociata and Marco Basti
Director of Photography Danilo D’Ercole
Music by Massimo Leonardi
Full credits:


Pierre Baqué – Co-founder and Ceo @Neural Concept. Lausanne, Switzerland
Ivana Bartoletti – Co-Founder of Women Leading in AI. London, United Kingdom
Sofia Crespo – Artist. Berlin, Germany
Stephanie Dinkins – Transmedia Artist. New York, USA
Mario Klingemann – Artist. Munich, Germany
Suzanne Livingston – Strategy Consultant and Curator. London, United Kingdom
Arthur I. Miller – Emeritus Professor, University College London (UCL). London, United Kingdom
Ali Nikrang – Key Researcher & Artist @Ars Electronica Futurelab. Linz, Austria
Obvious – Art Collective. Paris, France

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