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Enel Energia: Bolletta 2.0 and E-billing

Two complementary touchpoints to offer the customer a renewed experience to understand his own expense and become aware of the consumption of electricity and gas.

Golden Compass 2018.

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Bolletta 2.0 as a service experience.


Understanding spending and consumption.

The project stems from the desire of Enel Energia to offer innovative quality services and value to its end customers and to comply with the Italian Authority for Electric Energy and Gas decision (501/2014), which establishes new criteria for the transparency of electricity and gas bills.


A new information access experience.

The design process co-designed with the Enel Energia team started from an analysis of the main requests for clarification received by Enel Energia customer service through which the needs of the end customer were defined.
Logotel therefore supported Enel Energia to design the bill as a service experience: from understanding internal needs and those of the end customers to the definition of the experience of the various touchpoints.

The system-service consists of two complementary touchpoints, Bolletta 2.0 and e-Billing, which work synergistically to offer the end customer an improved experience of access to information, from the display of consumption and cost details, to procedures and status of payments, to commercial communications.



Bolletta 2.0 remains the main touchpoint for the customer. The drivers that guided the development of Bolletta 2.0 are simplicity, clarity and transparency. The result is a system and an information architecture that provides a better experience for the end customer: the reorganisation of the structure, the synthetic but exhaustive approach to the content, simplifying the language and the use of specific graphics devices (with a focus on readability for the needs of the various user profiles, from seniors to people with colour blindness related problems, etc.) make the experience of reading and analysis easier, faster and more complete.

More sustainable communication and engagement.

The review imposed by the Authority provided Enel with an opportunity to transform its electricity and gas bills into a real tool for communicating with and engaging the customer.
The printed QR code also permits payment of the sum due directly through the Enel Energia app.
Bolletta 2.0 is more environmentally sustainable than the previous version. Comprising an average of three sheets it significantly reduces paper consumption. The previous bills were longer, often five sheets, even up to nine. This reduction translates into some hundreds of millions fewer sheets printed and sent per year (600 million sheets = 7000 trees).

A new B2C platform.

e-Billing is a new B2C web platform enabling the analysis and understanding of electricity and gas consumption that Enel Energia offers its customers through their Customer Area. It is part of the overall redesign of the ecosystem as a complementary digital element to Bolletta 2.0 and, changing languages ​​and metaphors, it provides greater functionality in the digital domain, offering a series of interactive tools that allow: detailed analysis of actual, estimated and invoiced consumption and the disaggregation of energy spending into its components; Viewing spending and consumption history; Comparing consumption with users who have an energy behavior similar to their own; Obtaining information and clarification thanks to the glossary and the FAQs.


Bolletta 2.0 Bill and e-Billing system developed by Logotel with Enel Energia have been selected for the ADI Index 2016.

The project won the most important award of the Italian design, the Golden Compass 2018.

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