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Rebranding a pure energy global player. New positioning and website of Falck Reneables, based on the company’s core values of being an Enabler of sustainability

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A new identity that will support the path of expansion and growth of the company.


Evolving and adopting new tools and values to generate growth.

Falck Renewables is one of the major, international pure players, in the Renewable Energy sector. In an ever-changing context, Falck Renewables had the need to plan the future steps towards new territories, new acquisitions, new products by evolving and adopting new values to generate stakeholders.

The opportunity was to design a new System of Communication, starting from the uniqueness of the Brand, redefining strategy and positioning. A new identity that will support the path of expansion and growth of the company as a competent, innovative and caring enabler of sustainable transition

A Logotel team made up of content designers and copywriters, branding experts, service designers, art directors, developers and visual designers supported Falck Renewables in the design of their new positioning, developing the revised identity system also for all the sub brands of the public company.


An enabler is someone that gives power to others to achieve their goals.

The first steps of the project were the understand the as is situation of the young company. The business of the company extended from being producers, providers, advisors and experts of sustainable energy. But out challenge was to find that unique trait that made their DNA, making them stand out among the others.

Through stakeholder interviews including the entire first line of management, our team started scavenging to identify that uniqueness; within the company, between the people who are building it and the brand that could represent them. As a result, we defined the brand attributes of being Innovating, Competent and Caring.

The brand name itself had the cultural core hidden within! The enabler. The enabler is someone or something that gives power to others to achieve their goals!! Just as the energy, the pure and sustainable that facilitates us to live, sustain and thrive.


A competent, innovative and caring enabler of a collaborative and sustainable transition.

With the strong positioning came a powerful identity. The positioning became a part of the logo and the tagline read, “pure power to grow”. By being an enabler, the brand helps all the businesses, stakeholders, communities, people to grow! The impact of each action generates the pure power to evolve, connect, emerge, envision and share! It facilitates growth of investments, businesses, potential, capital, revenue, profit, network, audience

Logotel designed a vast website that encompasses all the main areas of business, alongside the client in co-creation sessions. Our team created 6 stakeholder personas to then bring out the most relevant and important messages based on their journey mapping.
The current site is curated and maintained in Italian, English, French and Spanish. Continuous efforts are applied by the team along with the client to keep the site up-to-date and significant. Take a look: www.falckrenewables.com

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