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Opel Customer Excellence

Co-creation and support in the definition of the guidelines of Opel’s Customer Experience program. Finding the uniqueness of the Brand’s unique experience within the ecosystem of Stellantis Group (ex PSA). Onboarding and engaging the key people of 25 countries to become the evangelists of the new guidelines.

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Co-creation of a new and unique
Customer Experience for Opel-Vauxhall.


Defining the new and unique Opel-Vauxhall’s Customer Experience, coherent with the PSA Group guidelines.

Logotel supports Opel-Vauxhall in the definition of the new Customer Experience, maintaining a strong relation with the one already developed by the Stellantis Group (ex PSA) for all the related Brands.
The content development of the Customer Experience considered an analysis of the Brand guidelines as well, to be coherent with the ones developed by the holding.


The Opel-Vauxhall Customer Excellence Program.

Along with the Opel team, Logotel co-designed the brand’s Customer Excellence program. With step-by-step approach, the team defined the unique experience that Opel – Vauxhall should provide to its customers in order to be coherent with its brand positioning.
With multiple co-creation sessions the team brought various experiences and knowledge to the table. The challenge was to remain in the parameter of the defined experience of PSA: keeping in mind many multi-brand distributors who need to align all guidelines to provide a positive experience.
Starting from the mission and values of the program, the team defined how each step can provide a unique experience to the customer. The customer journey was divided in 5 Moments of truth (MOTs) and for each for a list of positive actions, concrete examples from best cases and quick tips and hints were drafted to enable the customer a positive experience.
The complete narrative was then designed in form of a service manual, illustrated and curated in line with the Opel’s brand guidelines. A quick pocket guide was then created as a on field reference for the sales staff.
While the first official material was designed and developed in English, in order to make it accessible in other countries, the program was localized into four different languages: Italian, French, Spanish and German.


A program to onboard
the Brand stakeholders and trainers.

To enable the ground staff – Sales team, to understand, navigate, and above all implement the new Opel-Vauxhall Customer Excellence Program by incorporating the small action in their daily interactions with customers, to help them adopt new behaviors, and to facilitate the change in systematic manner, it was necessary to start the training program at the pinnacle: Training the Trainers.
Through a series of sessions in small group, we onboarded the trainers of 25 countries and facilitated their understanding of the MOT’, suggested actions and the purpose behind the program. The Service Manual, booklet and the worksheets were used as the material for these sessions, but they were also designed with perspective to enable to the trainers to train the network.

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