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Webuild: Valyou

How can you engage people at a multinational in spreading a company Health & Safety culture?

In 2019 SILVER AWARD and in 2020 GOLDEN AWARD of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) for its best practice in health and safety in the workplace.

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Valyou, Webuild's strategic program on Health & Safety issues.


A programme for strengthening
corporate culture.

Every day, over 35,000 people at Webuild work on major infrastructure projects throughout the world, from dams and bridges to roads, railways and tunnels.
These are large, busy sites where thousands of workers and machines operate in a complex safety environment. Besides rules and procedures, each individual’s behaviour is instrumental in achieving safety aims.

That’s why the group’s senior management has made it a strategic priority to develop a programme to strengthen the company’s health & safety culture – the ultimate goal being to cut workplace incidents to zero.


Training, communication and engagement.

A Logotel team comprising a service designer, art director, visual designer, content creator and copywriter supported Webuild in devising Valyou and developing its entire physical and digital environment. Valyou consists of health & safety–themed content, activities and tools that reflect people’s experience on sites all over the globe and in the offices in Rome and Milan.

The first steps were to define the project identity and overall brand image and to create a name and logo. The name “Valyou” encapsulates the two key elements of building value and people – as active participants but above all as the essential source of value that the whole project is based around.

The Valyou name combines with the slogan “Our Health & Safety Way”, a clear distillation of the aim of protecting health and safety as a core component of the company’s identity.



A central element was the internal campaign to communicate the programme’s activities in the company’s offices and sites around the world. To keep cultivating awareness of Valyou and health & safety topics, Logotel discussed and explained what the project was all about through a varied schedule of content.

The project’s internal communication effort centred on interactive physical and digital channels and tools to enrich the experience and explore the various touchpoints and physical spaces. Real people and their stories were at the heart of the creative concept underpinning the Valyou communication push.

A warm, genuine tone of voice was chosen for the in-house campaigns in slice-of-lifestyle, where the protagonists talk about good habits for everyday safety at work and at home. The campaigns aim to engage people, create emotional impact and, above all, immerse them in the programme to make them feel actively involved.

The slice-of-life communication campaign was structured into specific ambient communication and guerrilla efforts in physical spaces from offices to work sites all over the world, to reach the Webuild people even in the most unexpected moments. And to complement all that, the manifesto “Our Health and Safety Vision” conveys the message in a more corporate communication style.


The Valyou training component – called the Safety Builders Program – promotes a strong organisational safety culture by enhancing leadership skills at all managerial levels.

the Webuild team to design a series of tools to help participants turn the cultural change that the overall project seeks to foster into new everyday habits. The tools include:

  • The Workbook: a training resource with a set of exercises and instructions provided through dedicated content for workshop attendees. The Workbook also contains material that will be useful throughout staff’s Webuild careers.
  • The Safety Intervention Tool: a structured guide for situations where staff need to interact to take security-related action or give related feedback.


The Logotel team has developed a dedicated section all about the Valyou project for the Webuild intranet.

This is designed as digital meeting place for getting involved in and discussing health & safety issues. It also provides updates on the project, from inspiring content to the progress of the on-site training rollout, including user-generated content such as the Stories of Valyou competition, where entrants shared safety-related anecdotes about memorable experiences they have had.

To boost in-the-field engagement among key figures, Logotel also designed and created dedicated toolkits for on-site Valyou project leaders, to help implement Valyou on the ground.

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