We innovate

Design, formazione, social and business community: ogni nostro progetto o soluzione è la combinazione di questi tre ingredienti, per dare forma a progetti unici che creano impatto.

We innovate

Business communities, design, training: each of our products and solutions is a mix of these three ingredients to shape unique projects that create impact.


Business community, design, formation : chacun de nos projets ou solutions est un cocktail unique de ces trois ingrédients afin de donner forme à un projet unique qui créé de l'impact.




We are a Service Design Company.
We support businesses in processes of innovation and collaborative transformation that heavily impact their commercial and organisational activities, in contexts of significant change.

We provide our customers and their networks with a blend of skills and expertise deriving from the worlds of Design, Training and the Communities.


We use this to help them develop innovative services, products and models with a "service design driven” approach.
We achieve this through Design, to plan, give form and express innovation; Training, to accompany change; Business and Social Communities, to engage and involve people in learning, exchange and development processes.
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We help businesses to redefine their identities and positioning, to create new services and products, and to develop unique customer experiences that combine the physical with the digital dimension. We transform complex content into quality output with information design and we simplify learning processes with visual telling.


We plan training courses and systems for businesses and their sales networks, with content, methodologies and tangible tools to engage, motivate and support people and organisations in their growth.


We develop Business and Social Community Management platforms for the sales and functional departments of numerous businesses, engaging over 80,000 people every day with incentive activities.
We currently manage more than 30 Business Communities. We have been doing this for 10 years and are among the leading Italian companies in the field.





This is the strategic design of new business, service and sales models with the use of innovative models and tools, through which it is possible to manage the innovation processes in companies, from identity right through to behaviour.

  • Design of commercial systems
  • Design and development of sales instruments and channels
  • Branding and development of channel identities
  • Professional certification systems (corporate or independent)
  • Business community management
  • Business social networks
  • Collaborative e mobile e-learning
  • Sales and quality incentives and incentive activities
  • Events and road shows

Service design tools for the world of sales in a multi-channel context. Models and methodologies for creating top quality customer experiences in contexts in which customers are increasingly involved in physical-digital purchase processes thanks to the spread of smart and mobile technologies.

  • Brand building e brand identity systems
  • Customer experience and touchpoints: packaging, concept stores, mobile sites and applications, contact centres, sales approaches
  • Multi-channel communication schedules
  • Promotional and viral marketing campaigns
  • Incentive activities for sales networks
  • Collaboration, community management and e-learning systems for sales outlets and sales forces
  • Digital and web marketing

We provide tools and solutions that make it possible to improve and innovate the relationship between brand and customer through the creation of new points of contact, the supply of engaging content and the creation of multi-channel conversations, with the goal of developing a unique and absorbing customer experience.

  • Digital marketing
  • Web identity and web presence
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media listening and tracking tools
  • Viral and word of mouth marketing
  • Permission marketing
  • Content strategy and branded entertainment

We work to construct and develop the motivation, engagement and enhancement of company staff and teams during growth processes and the evolution of organisations and businesses.

  • Positioning and corporate strategies
  • Inspiration and managerial visioning workshops
  • VI.VA.MI. (VIsion, VAlues, MIssion)
  • Kick-off and start-up meetings
  • Conventions, concepts and content management
  • Team spirit and team building
  • Community management
  • Corporate blogs and intranet

We help businesses to evolve towards a future of new expertise, skills and competences, and to generate sustainable business models in line with a strong and rapidly changing social and economic context.

  • HR strategies and change management
  • Marketing of corporate training
  • Talent scouting and talent management
  • Training, growth and coaching programmes (all roles)
  • Training: training courses for coaches
  • Managerial: training courses for managers
  • Business drivers: training courses for sellers
  • Internal and external communications kit
  • Observers of new skills

We propose solutions to give form, style and efficiency to the ways in which brands and businesses interact with their customers, focusing in particular on the enhancement of potential and the specific qualities of the employees and people involved.

  • Strategies and counselling
  • Change and evolution of business models
  • Training programmes (all roles)
  • Coaching (all roles)
  • Business community management
  • Incentive and motivation programmes
  • Talent scouting and talent management