2 minutes

TEDX Reggio Emilia: experiments and interactions by Logotel

We participated in the organization of the event to make the experience of the participants even more interactive

The 2020 edition of TEDx Reggio Emilia proved to be unique for several reasons: first of all, for the high level of attention due to the health situation; and, secondly, for the involvement of Logotel since the initial stages of the design. The day of the event was divided into two different sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, to allow participants to be present in the Loris Malaguzzi International Center in total safety. Logotel had the opportunity to introduce a series of digital interactions that have recorded a very high rate of audience participation. Those who were present at TEDx were able to experience the same sensations, but in a new experimental context, and to feel involved thanks to a high level of interaction.

Sara Pesatori, Senior Designer of Logotel, invited and managed the dialogue with the public from stage, who interacted via smartphone by answering questions on issues addressed during the speeches. The pauses between the interventions of the speakers and the closures sessions were not just moments of waiting, but of meaningful involvement without distracting from the speeches; rather, enriching them. Hundreds of answers were collected in real time and allowed the speakers and organizers of TEDx Reggio Emilia and the COUNTDOWN initiative to have direct and immediate feedback from the public.