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A physical and digital workshop for constructing the future customer experience.

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A 5-month international laboratory. New ideas. Development of new services.


Quality takes a new shape,
thanks to the creation of new services.

The company wanted to develop innovative ideas while fostering collaboration between its managers with both workshops and remote activities.
The goal was to develop a project that would connect digital design and change management, so as to facilitate collaboration both physically and digitally.
Supporting the company from the identification of goals through to the overall development of the entire process.


International, digital,
hybrid design
for an extended collaboration.

Logotel managed and coordinated the general organisation of the workshop and provided support to the European group to foster the development of ideas. In addition, a collaborative platform was created which, during the workshop months, was used as an engine for inspiration, for updating the groups and people involved in the project, and for remote collaboration.
The goal of the process was to construct a portfolio of innovative concepts for the development of future projects and to motivate the people involved to grow, following a collaborative approach that brought and mixed together different cultures, expertise and opinions which, in turn, generated innovative ideas and products (cross-innovation).
Following the conclusion of the workshop phase of the Cross.In project, Logotel continued to support the practical development of ideas, which led to the creation of new services such as the new Again service cards and the development of take away food and product offers (Away Packs).

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