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Prelios - The Place to Be

An employee experience project to strengthen engagement and a sense of belonging in a company that has gone through major changes in a short space of time. Thanks to a range of digital and in-person initiatives, communicated internally and externally, Logotel, in collaboration with the client, supported the Prelios Group in its transformation into a "Place to be". A place in which you can find a better work-life balance in the new hybrid work environment and provide added value at individual and group level, develop professionalism, share a common vision and generate, as a company, positive impacts on society.

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Strengthen employees' engagement and sense of belonging.


Designing an effective employee experience for an even more desirable Prelios.

Since 2020, during the pandemic years, the Prelios Group has seen its business grow and its workforce almost double to over 750 employees in three separate locations: Milan, Rome and Padua. The hybrid working methods experienced during the pandemic and which has become the ‘new normal’ has posed a challenge in terms of integrating new employees and establishing new contacts.
Logotel started from an analysis of the requirements expressed by the client and emerged from consulting the entire organisation: the need to make employees aware of and communicate the services available to them, increase the sense of belonging, improve communication between managers and teams, thus bringing them closer together, and improve collaborative behaviour by developing relationships and bonds.
The project enhanced the nurturing nature of Prelios by strengthening its hybrid environment, connections and shared vision. The result: an impactful solution at a visual level, with diverse contents and activities that can be replicated independently by the client to give continuity as a result of the training of the in-house team who collaborated on the project.


A range of digital and in-person activities to experience the Prelios Group as a hybrid workplace.

“The place to be” is the concept that guided the creation of a schedule of initiatives and hybrid activities (digital and in-person, synchronous and asynchronous) aimed at defining Prelios as a single place where the value of the individual (myself), of the group (together) and of the company (Prelios) can be achieved. ‘The place to be’ encompasses these three levels to stimulate the creation and strengthening of ties and relationships between people.
A communication activity offered additional spaces and tools, both physical and digital, to ensure both greater participation in the initiatives and a better transmission of the messages and purpose of the project. A newsletter, a Sharepoint site accessible from the intranet and effective marketing initiatives kept employees updated and engaged. The evolution of the Prelios Group into a “Place to be” was also externally communicated through a series of posts on LinkedIn, to strengthen employer branding.


A concept presented in three different ways with their own distinct formats.

Logotel has developed a business narrative capable of connecting people, teams and the entire organisation through three dedicated routes, with editorial formats and hybrid activities: digital speed dates to stimulate mutual knowledge and collaboration among Prelios’s 750 employees; informal coffee meetings with members of top management aimed at bridging the gap and overcome hierarchies; as well as the creation of focus groups among employees based on their interests, thus generating new forms of contact between the various business units.
The design of multi-level engagement plans was one of the key factors to the project’s complete success, together with the development of a simple and immediately recognisable brand identity. To give continuity to all activities, internal ambassadors were selected in order to engage and bring the projects to life over time. After the project’s start-up phase in which Logotel, together with the client, took care of the projects, the company’s in-house team was given all the tools to proceed independently and thereby make Prelios a place of valuable self-expression and development for individuals, teams and the entire organisation.

  • Dedicated Sharepoint site


  • Employees involved


  • Speed date groups in one week


  • Months of co-design and delivery