La creatività richiede “disciplina”

Mixare team multidisciplinari, competenze diverse e connessioni inedite. È il nostro modo per andare oltre i confini, immaginare soluzioni originali e comprendere al meglio gli scenari complessi.

Creativity requires “discipline”

Mixing multi-disciplinary teams, different skills and original connections. This is our way of exploring new horizons, imagining original solutions and gaining a better understanding of complex scenarios.

La créativité demande de la « discipline » 

Mixer des équipes pluridisciplinaires, des compétences différentes et des connexions inédites. Ainsi procédons-nous pour dépasser les frontières, imaginer des solutions originales et mieux comprendre les scénarios complexes.



    This is the series of activities, both strategic and operational, that we carry out to construct and manage brands that have a strong, recognisable and distinctive identity. In order to embark on ongoing and engaging “conversations” with the target audience that embody the company’s values, mission and vision; to develop products, environments, packaging, services and impactful experiences of high perceived value that attract as many customers as possible to the brand and ensure their loyalty.


    We have developed a research and qualitative analysis (desk and field) observatory with a design-driven approach to: analyse context, market and sector trends; study customer behaviour and understand the values and identity of the business. The aim of our ongoing research is to identify the opportunities and the most important cues for planning scenarios for our customers.


    We develop user-oriented solutions centred around the customer, facilitating their experience of services, products, processes and events through the identification of the smallest details of the relationship with the end customer, supporting them in all phases, from engagement to sales and post-sales (touchpoint). We amplify the customer experience through the use of dynamic and collaborative methods and tools.


    We create a shared mental map through which we construct a “communication” that provides a brief overview of the key concepts. The infographics, mental maps and storyboards are flexible new models which, by combining form and content, facilitate the understanding and sharing of the message, and trigger collaboration processes between the company’s staff on specific projects.


    Service design envisages, realises and provides innovative solutions, always with the focus on the customer. It is a business innovation tool that we use to help our customers interpret their needs, explore their behaviour and develop visions, transforming them into the “future”. It is an approach that is developed on multiple levels: in the offer, in processes and in experiences, right through to a company’s strategy.


    In a world in which the end customer is increasingly a consumer of stories, particularly during the purchase process, we work to enable businesses to plan stories that, according to shared guidelines, are effectively able to describe personal and corporate identities. But not only: also products, brands and strategies. Because today it is increasingly important to plan and study the narrative, guaranteeing in every phase the quality and the consistency of every “narrated” product.



    Business communities are places of exchange and value generation between participants, brands and the company. The work of our community managers consists of planning, creating and above all maintaining these digital spaces for collective and collaborative interaction. Stimulating participation and the construction of the community identity every day with new content, incentive activities and services.


    Our team of Content Managers plans, creates and manages content in order to reach out to the end user, capture their attention and stimulate online and offline conversations, in line with the business goals of our customers. It also supports our designers in the development of tools and materials used to present the projects.


    The Instructional Designer team designs, plans and implements digital e-learning and blended learning training experiences. Beginning with an analysis of the context, it supports customers in the implementation of open source or proprietary LMS, analyses training needs, designs and produces learning objects, training videos and integrated solutions, monitors results and assesses the efficacy of the measures.


    We design quick and easy-to-use web and mobile environments. Our designers work to create interactive products that combine ease of use with functionality, taking a user-centred approach that never loses sight of the real needs of the user and the ways and the context in which they will be used.


    Together with businesses we plan strategies that guarantee their constant presence in the social world and which help them to achieve specific corporate goals. We combine standard digital marketing techniques with targeted engagement actions to create unique relations between the company and its customers.


    We translate the ideas of our customers into visual stories, we support them from the concept through to the realisation of the end product with the aim of helping them to present themselves in a simple, immediate and evocative way in line with their corporate vision and communication goals.



    Our Coaches help professionals and managers to stimulate, tap into or regenerate their potential at times of transformation. Individual coaching helps people to define and pursue goals related to their personal and professional challenges. The team coaching courses help in the transition from group to team, assisting participants in the identification of common goals and the creation of team spirit.


    We guide and support the organisation of workshops and collaborative events in which we stimulate people to develop new connections. Our customers begin to innovate their services, processes and products. With our method and “design-driven” approach we help managers and professional people to channel their ideas and energies to identify transformation goals and shared actions, and to find the solution that best suits them.


    We use new and stimulating tools and methods to help people that, in their various company roles, need to improve their skills to be more effective and solid in a dynamic and systemic context. Our method always comprises 4 phases: inspire, learn, do and share.
    Our approach is characterised by the centrality of people and a focus on the reasons for all innovations proposed.



    Planning and defining a digital strategy means forecasting the integrated and synergic development of the various digital channels and the relative implications from a commercial, marketing, organisational, logistics and IT perspective. We help our customers to define the presence of their brand on the Internet, to identify and distribute their values, and to generate and implement value proposals, identifying the most effective digital channels to meet their business goals.


    We support businesses in the planning of new growth paths for themselves, for their divisions/departments, for their commercial community, and for the ecosystem to which they are connected. Together we define a strategic road map to implement sustainable paths through activities, times and KPI, which enable organisations to fully exploit their potential and to make the most of the best development opportunities.


    We redesign strategies to plan the futures of our customers using analysis tools and the creation of new business models and portfolios of product-service systems. We work with them to experiment with new directions and undertake new challenges that allow them to be competitive and to emerge on a market in constant flux.